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What are your fees? 

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Service fees

§  Doing the entries yourself Online pay only 10% of the total entry fees if paying with credit card, SAVE by paying only 8.5% if you choose to pay by Interac E-Transfer 

§  If you wish to CALL IN your entry, our service fee is 13% for Credit card transactions and 8.5% for payments by Interac E-transfer

(HST must be added to our small service fee only -  example : If the entry cost $30 and our fee was $3 the HST would be .39cents)

The Entry Line Services

How many shows do you service?
Each year we handle hundreds and hundreds of events across Canada annually including nearly ALL Conformations shows, specialties, and most performance events such as Obedience, Rally, Agility, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, Chase Ability, Sprinter etc….  We have no control over whether our ad is placed in premium lists and the visibility of it. So if you don’t see our ad in the premium list, please check with us as we are likely still servicing that show and would be happy to help you get entered into it.

Do I get confirmation of an online entry?
Yes it is very important that you make sure to receive an "Email Confirmation" of your entry. If you don’t have it in a timely manner please call our office to see if we got your entry. Please be sure to check your email confirmation carefully for accuracy.

Can I still enter a show by telephone? YES!
Yes, as always, we are happy to serve you by telephone. Call toll free in North America at 1-800-293-2935 or for local calls or other parts of the world at 1-519-754-0393. Our normal business hours are Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, Friday 9 a.m. – 12p.m. (noon)  (Eastern Standard Time).

What is 'Event Notification'?
It's a handy reminder of upcoming show deadlines, and important dog event information. Event Notification is sent via email, to all who opt in to this feature, once a week. It's another great service we at The Entry Line are happy to offer you. You can sign up for this under “My Profile” and click the box that says: Send me Weekly notice of Upcoming events.

Do I have to be registered with your website to get Event Notification?

No, if you are a phone-in client and would like to receive our email notices, simply let us know and we can add that feature for you.

When do you submit entries to the show secretary, and in what order?
Entries taken by The Entry Line are usually submitted to the show secretary on the closing day. If a show is limited entry, then we will send them to the show secretary ahead of closing as requested by the show secretary. Entries are submitted to the secretary in the order that they are received. All our clients are considered equal and no one is given priority over another for any reason.




What methods of payment do you accept?
At the present time we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac E-Transfer. Prices shown are in Canadian currency. If you are a client from somewhere other than Canada, your credit card company will adjust the amount automatically into your currency. Our website is safe and secure with a vault set up by our credit card processor. They use only the best banking system safety features to ensure your information is kept safe.

Are there any extra charges on top of entry fees and your service fees?
The Harmonized Sales Tax of 13% (H.S.T.) is added to our service fee only. example : If the entry cost $30 and our fee was $3 the HST would be .39cents



How can I update my personal or dog information?
Login. Click on My Profile. Here you can edit your information or select a dog you want to update or remove.

How will you use my information?
The Entry Line values your privacy. We do not sell or rent your information to anyone. Your information is used for the purpose of entering dog shows as per your request only.


Dog Shows

Can I cancel a show after I've already received confirmation?
You are allowed to cancel some shows before the official closing, providing it was not a limited show that has already filled.  If you choose to cancel an entry that is allowed, you will be refunded the entry fees, our service fee will not be refunded as it is non-refundable. For cancellations, please call our office directly at 1-800-293-2935 and talk to an Entry Line staff member directly.

Can I show a puppy that is under 6 months of age?
There are some shows that offer a Baby Puppy class for those 4-6 months old. Otherwise, the puppy must be at least 6 months of age on the day you want to exhibit the dog.

Can a dog without a Canadian Registration # or ERN # be entered in a show in Canada?
Yes. If the dog is born in Canada, and is eligible to be registered, but has not yet received their CKC #, they can apply on the CKC's website for a Temporary Competition Number (TCN). This is generated instantly. Once you have that, you can enter that dog into a show. A dog born outside of Canada, but not yet registered in Canada, can also be entered with that TCN, however if a foreign born dog gets points while in Canada, you only have 30 days to get the application for registration in to the Canadian Kennel Club. Otherwise the dog will lose any points it received before being registered.

What is the cost for entering dogs that do not have a Canadian Registration # or ERN #?
Listing fees charged by the Canadian Kennel Club for dogs not yet registered are currently $10.00 plus HST tax for each show that you enter. If you have an all breed and specialty entry on the same day, you have to pay the listing fees twice for that day. The same applies to two obedience trials and double conformation shows on the same day.

Can a dog entered in a conformation regular class be moved up to 'Specials Only' after a show closes?
A dog which is individually registered in the records of the CKC and has completed the requirements for a championship in accordance with these rules, but at the time of closing of entries for a show has not received confirmation of its title, may be transferred from one of the regular classes to Specials Only providing the transfer is submitted to the show secretary in writing by the owner or handler at least one hour prior to breed judging. No refund for "TCN fees" will be made after the official show closing.
If it is established that a dog, transferred to Specials Only, has not completed the championship requirements, all awards will be cancelled and all ribbons and prizes won shall be forfeited.
When one or more all-breed and/or specialty shows are held on the same day, in the same venue, the request for moving of class dogs to specials must be made prior to the scheduled opening of the first show. 

How many points do I need to receive Conformation Championship in Canada?

In order for a dog to be recognized as a Champion CH and its owner provided with a Championship Certificate, the dog must:
a) earn at least 10 championship points under at least 3 different judges, and
b) be individually registered in the records of the CKC or have and ERN number, and
c) have earned at least one 2 point win either at the breed or group level
The number of points allotted to a dog awarded "Winners" are as follows:
1 dog competing - 0 points
2 dogs competing - 1 point
3 to 5 dogs competing - 2 points
6 to 9 dogs competing - 3 points
10 to 12 dogs competing - 4 points
13 & more dogs competing - 5

 You can now go further, check out the GCH, GCHEX, GCHB, GCHS, GCHG titles you can also get.  What are you goals??  - For more information check out the CKC Rules and Regulations booklet, scroll down to page 49

Can a dog entered in obedience or rally be moved up to the next level of competition?
A dog that is individually registered in the records of the CKC or has a PEN, ERN MSC or CCN, and has fulfilled the requirements for a title in accordance with the provisions of these rules, may be moved to the next level of competition. The transfer must be submitted to the trial secretary in writing on the appropriate move-up form by the owner or handler one at least 15 minutes before the class on that day, schedule permitting.
If it is established by the CKC that a dog moved up to the next level, has not completed the requirements for the lower level before moving up, then all qualifying ribbons and/or awards earned by the dog incorrectly entered shall be forfeited and cancelled by the CKC.

For more information  - Here is the link to the CKC Rules and Regulations for Obedience and Rally: